Friday, December 17, 2010

Make your own 3D flowers

It's the holidays, and like most of you (I hope I'm not alone) I've spent all my money on presents. So I'm finding ways to reuse some of my scrap booking supplies for new ideas. I have a bunch of one layer flowers left over from other projects, and I found out that I can make them into 3D flowers.

With some Scotch Quick-Dry glue and a pair of scissors I turn these old flowers into pretty, rose look alike flowers.

First select the flowers you want to use, then put a good dot of glue in each one. The flowers I used I got from Prima a few years back. They have holes in the center so I kept a wet nap near by in case I got glue all over my fingers.

I found it best to wait a little while so the glue gets nice and tacky. Pinch the first flower together and hold it till it sticks.

Then snip the pointy end off the bud you just created. You don't have to do this step, but it makes your flowers a little flatter and easier to put together. Be careful not to snip too much or your flower may fall apart.

Wrap the next flower around the first and hold it together till it sticks. You can adjust your petals till you like them before the glue dries. If you go past 4 flowers I recommend using progressively bigger flowers.

When you get to the size flower you want use a green flower on the bottom to look like leaves.

You can probably also do this with paper punched flowers too, but I haven't tried those. Hope this helps you stretch your scrapping dollars!


  1. Your welcome. I love learning new stuff about crafting!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! I am too cheap to buy flowers like this in the store. Now I can put all those primas to good use! :0)