Monday, February 14, 2011

More stuff from CHA

I have a few things I still haven't told you about from CHA. I lost some of my pictures (operator error on the camera I'm sure) but I still have a few neat things to show you.

First, I saw this great new storage box from Artbin. You can store 16 carts with books and overlays in it. Plus room for a few tools.

I loved this leaf ribbon. Of course I lost the picture of the company it came from, but I really thought it was neat how they used it as seaweed.

This is also another type of ribbon that was everywhere. They die cut it into petals and leave. So cute.

Last but not least, I know twine is the new craze. I found this company that makes hemp twine. It looks really nice and comes in so many colors. I got the name of this one! Trade Marker International.

Does this make anyone want to spend money? It sure makes me want to!


  1. Good fun! I love all the cool new stuff! TFS! I"m your newest follower.