Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Very Evil Card

Hehe! I love this card. I created this one to enter into the Eric's Craft Room Sketch Challenge. It came to me when I was about to fall asleep. I took a little artistic license with the rules, but who cares! That's what crafting is about.

Can you guess what my theme is? Yes, it's the Wicked Queen! I bought this glitter paper (it actually has silver glitter in it, but it's so cool. This mirror is From Dreams Come True. It's part of the Jasmine images, but it's the one that I though would be best as the mirror. And yes, that is silver reflective paper that I used for the glass. It was really hard to take a photo at a good angle where I wasn't reflected in it. The apple is from Happily Ever After, and yes it is from the Snow White images.

Hope I win, the prize is the Sophie Cartridge!!!!! Happy Crafting.


  1. very cute card, I was thinking of the new show this year "Once Upon A Time" when I saw this.
    Hope you can stop by my blog. Good luck on the challenge.

  2. What a fabulous card Amber!!! Love It!!
    MCCR DT Sister,