Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday - Masking

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Today's Tipsy Tuesday post from Sweet Stamping Treats is about masking. Masking is a way to add a background to paper without coloring in the stamp. Normally you wold stamp the image on a piece of post-it or some other kind of sticky paper, but you can't do that with digi stamps.But you can still mask your project, which is what I did on my picture frame using the Violet Fairy stamp from the last blog hop.

I take a nice thin, light colored sticky-note and put it over the stamps so that I can trace out the shape of the stamp I want to mask.

This is what it looks like.Then the outline out of the sticky-note.

This image is a little larger than my sticky-note so I just took the sticky corners and used them to help me cover the entire image.

For this simple background I used a blue cats-eye chalk, and stamped it around the image until I liked the amount of color on it.
It looks like this.
Then I removed the post it.
And this is what my finished image looked like (before I framed it).

Happy Crafting!