Sunday, December 11, 2011

Product Review: What's all the Twine about?

I have 3 different brands of twine in my craft arsenal right now, so I though it would be a good time to write a product review. This started because of a sale at The Twinery, a 3 color sample pack for $5

Okay, I know that twine has been popular in papercrafting for over a year now. But to be honest I really hadn't gotten into it that much. Until I discovered The Twinery that is! I didn't see the big deal, but then I checked out a couple of The Twinery's blog hops and I thought, hey there may be something here. But I had no idea that there is a huge quality difference in twine! Let me show you what I mean.

This is a comparison of 3 different twine products. The red twine ( the far right) I got from a friend, I'm not sure what brand it is. But as you can see it's really thin, and it's very loosely spun so it comes apart. The orange twine is from Divine Twine. I bought it at a local craft store. It's better than the red, thicker and more tightly spun so that it stays together. And I do think this is pretty good twine. I used it for a few cards in the last couple of months. The Green is from the sample pack above from The Twinery. It's thicker, more tightly spun, and has way more color in it that the other two. I was really impressed.

This is a close up of the twine from the card on my last post:

Looks pretty good, huh? Divine Twine is not bad, below is a close up of Divine Twine from a card I made using that product. I just found that I like The Twinery's twine (say that five times fast) because it is thicker and has more color.

And their customer service is great! I had a small snafu with my order, but they were very nice to me and got everything straightened out right away. I now own these three sample sets!

And here is a sneak peak of another card that's coming using this twine:
I see more twine in my future!


  1. Thanks for the review! I have only ever had the Twinery twine, and was wondering about the other brands! TFS! :)Amy

  2. This review is so helpful! I just started paper crafting seriously about a year ago, and have yet to use twine in one of my creations. I've been meaning to purchase some, but haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for sharing!


  3. We are so thrilled that you love your twine from The Twinery!! Your comparison is so helpful! We can't wait to see what else you create with it!

  4. Enjoy your twine!! The Twinery has the BEST twine out there!!

  5. Thank you for such a great product review of The glad that you are enjoying what you got and I hope you will continue to share with us on FB what you make.