Friday, January 7, 2011

An almost Valentines Card (but not quite)

Getting to into the mood for Valentines Day, although I missed the mark! Most of the people I showed this to though it was a bridal shower card. I was experimenting with colors and I think black and red would have been a better fit. Anyway, the bustier is from the Cricut Tie the Knot cart, and I just had to use it. It's very va-va-voom! Of course the flower I made myself (see my tutorial two posts ago) The edges of the card are chalked with Colorbox chestnut roan, and the lace is a Martha Stewart punch. I love Martha Stewart punches because they are just so easy to use.

More Valentines to come, and maybe something special in my future. (I might just be a professional crafter! he-he)

Anyway, I though I would include something old. This is a project I did a while back, and I stuck it in a frame and never put a picture to it. (I haven't been to the snow in years, although I say I am gonna go every season!) Nothin' fancy, but I though it was cute at the time.

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