Saturday, March 12, 2011

Helping Stephen with a card for the Troops

I don't know if you've heard about this but there is a 10 year old boy in Arizona who is making cards for the troops. This is his story:

Ten-year-old Stephen Goodman has 180,000 wishes this Christmas.The Surprise student, a fifth-grader at Canyon Ridge Elementary School, wants to send a card next year to all the U.S. troops overseas.Not to one platoon. Or to just one division. But to every actively deployed service member in the U.S. military.Stephen said he thought of the idea in June, while spending the summer with his grandparents in Phoenix. “My grandpa went to Vietnam and didn’t get any cards, and he felt forgotten,” Stephen said. “And I want the troops to know that they’re not forgotten.” He started locally, creating and hand-delivering 218 Fourth of July cards for patients at the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix. The feedback was so thrilling and positive that Stephen started thinking: Why not send one to everyone deployed? He began paying attention to news reports. Somewhere, he gleaned the number of overseas troops to be 180,000. “I was really taken aback when he said he wanted to do one for all the troops,” said Stephen’s father, Steven Goodman. “I explained to him it was a big project, and because of what his intentions were, he would have to carry it out.” Each card is handmade, using “construction paper and scissor designs and markers and stickers and my imagination and that’s it,” according to Stephen. The entire family pitches in. So far, they’ve made about 15,000 cards. From the Arizona Republic News website, Article by Amy Wang

I have decided that I'm going to help by making 25 of this card for him. This sentiment comes from the Stand and Salute Cartridge, and I have asked people at my work to help me by sponsoring a card to help with the cost of supplies and mailing the cards to Stephen. I've seen lots of posts on Facebook about this and I really hope that Stephen reaches his goal.

Happy Crafting.

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