Friday, July 1, 2011

Blog Candy Winner and a story.

Okay, today is the day I announce the winner of my Glue Arts Adhesive Blog Candy, But first I;m going to tell you a little story. In my last post I gave a random fact about myself: "If you live in So Cal you will understand this: My hubby dragged me into the 909!" A couple of people have asked me what this means, so I'm going to explain. The 909 is the area code for San Bernardino County in Southern California. If you live anywhere in the local area, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino County or Riverside County, (these last two are know as the Inland Empire or IE)  you know that these four counties have different status levels assigned to living in them (yes, just like on all those silly TV shows about California, people really do judge you for where you live). I was born and raised in Los Angeles, specifically the West Side, which is kind of snobby. People in LA refer to people in San Bernardino or Riverside as "the 909, land of the dirt dwellers". Before you get super offended this is because most everything in LA is paved unless you are in a state park. It's not that way out in the IE. There are dairies, chicken farms, horse property, and orange groves, thus "dirt". Something you just don't see every day in LA. Anyway, people in LA don't like the idea of living in the IE, but it's acceptable to move to Orange County. People in Orange County don't like the idea of living in any of the other counties, unless you move to Malibu, (Malibu Barbie anyone?). And people in the IE think LA and OC are snobs. 
My hubby was born and raised in Riverside, and until I started dating him I NEVER went there! In fact I was shocked to see housing tracts that had a dirt shoulder and no sidewalks. I was very sheltered, and teased him about being a red-neck. My father-in-law probably fulfills about half of Jeff Foxworthy's "you might be a red-neck" jokes. Needless to say when we got married I made him move to an apartment in LA county, near the border to San Bernardino. But when we tried to buy a house, everything we could afford in LA was super tiny, in a bad neighborhood, or worse. So we had to start looking in San Bernardino County, the 909, where we eventually purchased a house, and where I swore I would never move to. We have a lovely home with paved sidewalks, but a few streets over there are dirt shoulders to the road and not sidewalks. And farms. So I always say he "dragged me into the 909".  And now you all probably think I'm a snob.

Now for the part you actually care about, the winner! After adding up all the entries and getting a number from the winner is: 
                                            Cherie at 
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Happy Crafting Everyone!


  1. I think it's a charming story...

  2. That's too funny! I must admit, I was a bit disappointed though. I thought perhaps a 909 was a police code for an illegal Rave party or something in that nature! LOL! Thank you for explaining it! Being in 651 I'd be more than content to be in 909 or 213 come January! :)


  3. Loved reading the story! I sent you an email the other day. I was sending it on my phone, and I had only done that a couple times before... so I hope it worked. If not, let me know! I am with Susan. I am a 651 too... and come winter, CA sounds like it would be a great place to be :)

    cherie.goyer at